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Lavender  薰衣草精油



Lavender Essential Oil

Lovely, deep floral aroma that warms the heart and steadies the emotions. The most useful essence for therapeutic purposes, it fights infection and eases muscular pain and headaches. A few drops on your pillow at night aids sleep. Use on cuts, scrapes or burns the healing/antiseptic properties soon relieve the pain, inflammation and infection. Dab on insect bites to soothe itching. Do not use if you have low blood pressure. Safe for small children.


可愛,濃郁的花香,溫暖人心,穩定情緒。 它是用於治療最有用的精油,可抵抗感染並緩解肌肉疼痛和頭痛。 晚上在枕頭上滴幾滴有助於睡眠。 用於割傷,刮擦或燒傷癒合/防腐性能,可很快緩解疼痛,炎症和感染。 輕咬昆蟲叮咬可緩解瘙癢。 如果您的血壓低,請勿使用。 對小孩安全。

Lavender 薰衣草精油

稅金  未含
  • 10ML

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