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Overcome  Pefectionism Roll Up



Overcome perfectionism Roll Up

Perfectionism involves a tendency to set standards that are so high

that they either cannot be met, or are only met with great difficulty. Perfectionists tend to

believe that anything short of perfection is horrible, and that even minor imperfections will lead to catastrophe. Overcome perfectionism Roll up   helps you to express yourself positively and is useful in cases of low self-esteem and self-worth. She helps neutralize emotional and spiritual attacks directed at you.




他們要麼無法實現,要麼很難實現。 在這種成功和失敗之間,讓完美主義者傾向於相信沒有完美的事物都是可怕的,即使是很小的缺陷也會導致災難。有時侯我們可能工作上有完全主義,有時是關系上,有時是生活的清潔上,通常都是你在意的,所以你的感受也特別的明顯。使用戰勝完美主義滾珠讓你不再那麼高標準的為難自已。

Overcome Pefectionism Roll Up

Hors TVA
  • 10ML/Bottle

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