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Overcome Anger Roll Up



Overcome Anger Roll Up

When you are using Anger roll up, you experience the kind of inner security that can never be threatened. Learn to transform your inner destructive fire into the kind of power that gives warmth and richness to your life.



不確定的安全感讓你不斷的追逐活的 不現實,脾氣來得快嗎?或是你 處崩潰邊緣,活只剩下絕望與挫 折,戰勝安全感複合精油能讓將你由崩 潰,絕望,挫折中作正的回應.

使用戰勝易怒氣煩燥滾動時,您會體驗到那種永遠不會受到威脅的內部安全性。 學會將內在的破壞性怒氣轉化為賦予生活溫暖和豐富的力量。


Overcome Anger Roll Up

Hors TVA
  • 10ML/Bottle

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