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Overcome Pefectionism Roll Up

Overcome perfectionism Roll Up

Perfectionism involves a tendency to set standards that are so high

that they either cannot be met, or are only met with great difficulty. Perfectionists tend to

believe that anything short of perfection is horrible, and that even minor imperfections will lead to catastrophe. Overcome perfectionism Roll up helps you to express yourself positively and is useful in cases of low self-esteem and self-worth. She helps neutralize emotional and spiritual attacks directed at you.

Beat the perfectionist ball

People with perfectionism have higher standards for anything than ordinary people.

They are either impossible or difficult to achieve. Between this kind of success and failure, perfectionists tend to believe that things that are not perfect are terrible, and even small defects can lead to disasters. Sometimes we may have completeism in work, sometimes in relationships, and sometimes in cleanliness of life. Usually it is all you care about, so your feelings are especially obvious. Using the defeating perfectionist ball will make you no longer embarrass yourself with such high standards.

Overcome Pefectionism Roll Up

Excluding Sales Tax
  • 10ML/Bottle

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