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Make Your Own Unique Perfume Course

WHAT IS BEAUTY?! The aromatherapy school teaches you to make your own unique perfume at home, without artificial ingredients/scents. Whether you use it yourself or give it to your dear family and friends, the perfume you make is absolutely unique

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Teacher Emma teaches you to learn master perfume courses at home

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​Expand the world/Learning without borders

I entered Canada in 2006 and also entered the world of aromatherapy. I am Emma, ​​a Taiwanese living in Canada.

​I founded the only Chinese aromatherapy school in Canada. I have always had a goal to make aromatherapy/perfume modulation no longer belong to the Western culture, and let natural plants become the best healing companions for our bodies, emotions, and souls.

​After years of teaching in Canada, the epidemic began. It reminded me that when I was in Taiwan, I wanted to devote myself to studying aromatherapy and how to make perfume, but it was very difficult. At that time, the courses were only in Taipei, and the cost was quite expensive. Office workers can take it out at once, and this idea of ​​wanting to learn has been kept until I arrived in Canada.

New immigrants, new beginnings. I decided to devote myself to aromatherapy, which few people in the North American Chinese community learn, and started teaching in my community for many years. I set up a school in Toronto. In the past few years, my students have used the Internet in the United States/China/Canada/Taiwan. The teaching of the Internet has shortened the distance between me and the international community and my hometown of Taiwan.

I still think about me who didn't have much conditions to devote myself to learning. Maybe you are now. I think that many people, like me, want to learn real aromatherapy and perfume making without borders, time, and money. This course is no longer something a small number of people can learn. Popularization of aromatherapy and perfume making courses can allow us to live in a chemical-free environment. In addition to making our quality of life better, fragrance will bring more Good external image. The most important thing is to reduce the use of drugs in our lives. A simple life is the most suitable life for us.

I’m already on the international road. I want to draw more young Asians on this train and bring North American education back to Asia. When I travel in North America/Europe, I hope to get what I have gained. What's learned will be passed on.

We will change the course from complex to simple, so that those who want to learn can use what they have learned flexibly in life in the shortest possible time. This is a life course and a business course. I started my career in this course. , I believe that a lot can be done, and more entrepreneurship courses will allow you to use your own major to start a business.

​Your name is on perfume, and perfume has your shadow on you. Let's start this journey of smelling incense.

This is not only about perfume, but also about your body, mind, and soul.

​Introduction to the perfume course course information


​Introduction to the perfume course course information

Unit 1

-Course introduction/The real history of perfume

Teacher Emma takes you through the history of perfume in Europe

​-Plants suitable for perfume making

Is there any strawberry perfume? No! The real perfume ingredients are here. . .


Unit 2

-Preparation of perfume tools

Teacher Emma has prepared a perfume production kit for you, open it and take a look!

​-Proportional design of various perfumes

Different fragrances, such as: water dragon / fragrance / perfume, women / men has a different use

​Learn how to make in different proportions


Unit 3

Basic fragrance principles

Teacher Emma will give you the basic formula, let you start playing incense

Perfume is not only for yourself, but it also shows your image. In the new year, what image do you want to give yourself?

Want to be professional? Want to be gentle? Want to be a sweet and salty double-sided character, you can change it through incense!


Unit 4

Apply the principles of perfumery

​In addition to bringing images to others, perfumes also bring different mood changes. Don’t believe it? Is there any kind of fragrance that makes you feel like a holiday, especially at Starbucks, where the scent of coffee always makes you change your pace Slow, what is the reason? Aroma, but in this lesson, we are not here to adjust the aroma of coffee, but to use aroma to relieve our emotions, stress, and make a full range of perfume to help your family/ Friends adjust a bottle! Customized gifts are the most popular!


Unit 5

Aroma psychology

​The scent is just like the clothes that people wear, and it looks like a person

​When people’s health is much healthier, it is reflected in our hearts that certain unique flavors have certain unique representatives. Some people especially love the taste of caramel, and some people especially love the taste of grass (this taste cannot be accepted by the teacher). ), but you can see some clues of personality from these tastes. Don’t guess, we use tastes to know people and to understand people.


COURSE KIT course tools

After the course is completed, the Canadian Aromatherapy School Certification Completion Certificate will be awarded

Certification course

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